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New Fortnite Island Games Quests:How to Complete Challenges for Rewards

Fortnite recently introduced a set of new in-game challenges called Fortnite Island Games Quests which arrived in Fortnite Season 7 with the new patch update in Fortnite. There's a massive amount of rewards on offer, including a hefty amount of XP and free cosmetics for completing all quests in Creative Modes. The limited time event called Fortnite Island Games is taking over the island, so here's an article detailing all about the new quests and how to complete them.

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Fortnite Island Games Quests

The latest event is a special creative opportunity that helps players earn more XP as well as rewards and upgrade their Battle Pass. The event will run from August 31 to September 8, 2021, and players can play Creative LTMs to earn rewards. All LTMs, along with their quests, will become available sequentially during the event, remaining available until the end date.

The cards involved in these quests are all creative cards. Fortnite's Creative Mode lets players do anything and everything in it, kicking the game's fun quotient up a notch. The new mode allows to test and explore many new features of the game and formulate strategies and much more. Since Fortnite was called monotonous by many in the community, it seems pretty good that Fortnite has done its best to break up mundane gameplay and introduce original thinking.

Quests will take place on 5 different creative maps, and players can choose from these few. Popular creative LTMs that will be featured include:


There are plenty of rewards for players who complete challenges, including a banner, On the Rise emote, Drooly Spray, Doodler weapon wrap, and Qwerty axe. Players will need to complete nine of the total 15 quests to unlock all of the rewards. For more information, players can read them here.

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